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The ombre look is inspired by the sunkist hair tones of surfers and beachlovers alike.  It is one of the most popular hair colour and styling choices of the last two years and with celebrities from Scarlett Johansson to Beyonce as ombre enthusiasts we can see why . This technique of colouring replicates very natural highlights in the hair through subtle tonal variances and when done correctly is a beautifully refreshing change to your look. At Inferno Salons we give people flawless ombre colouring through a diligent choice of colour tones and a detailed consultation with our clients to give them exactly what they want. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us now and see what a difference we can make!


The concave cut is a perennial favourite with women around the world. It's popularity is based around its versatility and it's ability to compliment face shapes and completely change your look. The concave cut can be utilised to accomodate a retro bob or for a more contemporary twist match it with an asymmetrical front shape while breaking it up with high ligting or colouring.  The hair is cut with hard or soft lines to curve inward. This style of cut is always popular here at Inferno Salons and with it being seen on celebrities from Victoria Beckham to Rihanna we anticipate it staying on trend for long to come. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment now and see what a difference we can make!

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