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About Us.......

 Here at Inferno Salons we understand what our customers want. If you don't feel happy with how your hair looks and feels, it will show. That is why we strive to give our customers the hair cut, style or treatment they've always wanted. Inferno Salons is a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who are here to help and guide you to the style,cut or colour that best suits you whie ensuring you are comfortable and informed every step of the way. We thrive on customer satisfaction and have built up a dedicated and loyal following, with a reputation for the highest quality work and customer service. What are you waiting for?.. Book An Appointment

"The prices are great and you get fantastic service 100% of the time!"

Our Story

Inferno Salons was conceived 9 years ago. Two friends decided to open a salon that would focus on customer satisfaction and quality services with a focus on style. Through our steadfast philosophy of customer care at all cost we have seen this simple idea between two friends grow into the most popular hair salon in the area.

Our Vision

Here at Inferno Salons we believe everyone should feel good about how they look and a key aspect of this is hair care and styling. As the saying goes ' when you look good, you feel good' and we want to help every one of our clients feel the best they possibly can. We are here to help, listen and consult about every aspect of your hair style.

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